Indigo Augustine Biography

Alternative Name(s): Augustine Indigo, Indigo, Indigo A, Indigo August
Country: United States
Status: Active
Born: 03-09-1987 Age:34
Height:5' 3" / 160 cm
Weight:105 lbs / 47.25 kg
Bust:30 inch / 76.2 cm
Waist:23 inch / 58.42 cm
Hips:36 inch/91.44 cm
Skin Color:White
Hair Color:blonde
Hair Length:
Eye Color:brown
Tattoos:Yes(Little hearts on each clavicle replace by Pistols on each clavicle, Kind of Cuneiform script on the right arm, An owl on the right wrist, Writing "L'essentiel est invisible pour les yeux" on the right forearm, Writing "Of all the Worlds and all the Worlds of gods there is only the Love that all Things are Impermanent" between the two shoulder blades, A scepter with "Gonzo" writing above the right hip, The number 42 between a white angel and a black angel above the buttocks, Writing "Pippin" on the left buttock, Writing "Killin" on the right buttock, A blue balloon on the left hip, 1 triangle with primary colors in each side of sex, 1 orchid on each side of the sex, Tentacular monster on right leg)
Natural Breasts:Yes

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